2018 Lincoln-Douglas MetroFinals 2nd Place

Last year we sent our debate team to VDA...this debate season we saw the teams who had trained and competed this year have already qualified for National Qualifying events. 

- High School Debate Coach

My time spent with VDA and some of its instructors was key to my success at national tournaments, and I am still drawing on my lessons learned at the collegiate level.

- Collegiate Policy Debater

Registration for summer camp 2020 is open! To view additional class options, please click on the Northern Virginia tab at the top of this page. Our camp is hosted at 3460 Centreville Rd. Chantilly, VA.  In order to reserve your spot, please submit an online registration and the nonrefundable down payment. Returning students are entitled to summer 2019's full tuition. We will send those students a link to pay this fee.
Virginia Debate Academy courses consist of lectures, Socratic seminars, and workshops to teach and improve students’ critical thinking, public speaking, and overall debate skills. Our classes have an average of 6 students per teacher, ensuring students have ample time and help to prepare for mock debates, public speaking activities, and other workshop assignments. VDA’s unique curriculum that is developed by debaters, coaches, and career professionals will also allow students to learn advantageous presentation and critical thinking skills applicable to other academic and professional fields. All of our High School courses, except for the Advanced Research and Argumentation listing, are for students with 0-2 years of experience.  




Public Forum Debate, $600

Summer 2020

Our class will teach you effective case construction, rebuttal and crossfire techniques, and public speaking skills. July 13-19, 9AM-5PM

Policy Debate, $600

Summer 2020

Students will learn strategic case construction, public speaking, and other debating skills necessary to succeed in policy debate. Class will include a VDA brief. July 27-31, 9AM-5PM

Lincoln-Douglas Debate, $600

Summer 2020

Our class will teach you strategic case construction, value and value criterion and framework analysis, refutation, and other important skills necessary to succeed. July 20-24, 9AM-5PM

Model United Nations, $450

Summer 2020

Students will learn public speaking, debating, and other skills necessary to succeed in Model United Nations. June 22-26, 2PM-6PM

Advanced Research and Argumentation, $600

Summer 2020

Our class will cover advanced research methods, argumentation schemes, and public speaking drills to improve experienced Junior Varsity and Varsity debaters' skills. This class is recommended for JV debaters with two years of experience and Varsity debaters looking to compete successfully on the local and national circuit. August 3-7, 9AM-2PM

Private Coaching

Summer 2020

For students that cannot attend camp dates or are looking for coaching during the season, private tutor sessions are available. Tutor schedules and prices are flexible.

Virginia Debate Academy


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