Our camps teach students research, critical thinking, public speaking, case construction, and other techniques necessary to excel in competitive debate and public speaking. VDA's low teacher-student ratio provides students ample time and resources to improve their craft and have a fun, valuable experience. 

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Middle School Debate: Parliamentary & Public Forum (Full)

July 12 - July 16
9 AM-4 PM
Grades 6-8

Middle School students will learn the basics of competitive debate and public speaking through games, workshops, lectures, and debates. Whether it’s a student's first or third year debating in middle school, this challenging and engaging course will give students a robust foundation of skills in case construction, rebuttal techniques, research, and speaking. 

Class tuition: $349


High School

Debate: Lincoln-Douglas & Public Forum

July 19 - July 23 
9 AM-4 PM
Grades: 9-12 

Students will participate in lectures, games, workshops, and debates to learn case construction, rebuttal and crossfire techniques. Debaters will research unique and challenging topics that are debated on the High School circuit. Students within their first two years of competitive debate or competing at the Novice or JV level should attend this course.

Class tuition: $349


Varsity High School Debate: Lincoln-Douglas & Public Forum (Full)

July 26 - July 30
9 AM-4 PM
Grades: 10-12

Seasoned Varsity and National Circuit debaters will participate in Socratic seminars, lectures, workshops, and debates to  hone their research, speaking, and debate capabilities. Our unique curriculum—covering traditional and progressive styles—will provide debaters with the critical thinking skills, research ability, and institutional knowledge to excel on the national circuit.

Class tuition: $349


Private Coaching

For students that cannot attend camp dates or are looking for coaching during the season, private tutor sessions are available. Tutor schedules and prices are flexible.